Accredited Land Consultant, Broker, ALC

Don brings a broad experience base and unique marketing concepts to the company.  Offering services as a Real Estate Broker and Auctioneer since 1993, he has provided many diverse opportunities to learn what makes marketing programs and business plans successful.  Don has the proven ability to build new and established businesses and bring them to their full potential.  With Business Consulting experience, he incorporates business plan strategies and marketing expertise for each of his clients.  Don has had experience as a managing Broker for a National Franchise Real Estate brokerage firm, owner of a Business Consulting Company, ownership and management of 3 livestock auction markets located in Kansas and Nebraska, Sales Trainer plus sales and marketing for a Fortune 500 Company.

Don is an Accredited Land Consultant (ALC) and is known for his competence in land evaluation and sale transactions.  He has developed one of the largest residential foreclosure departments in the State of Nebraska and is equally successful in residential, acreage and small commercial property business for both buyers and sellers.  You will enjoy working with the friendly and professional manner that his companies are well known for.